Stage One in the Can

One stage down here at the Tour of Utah.  It was a relatively uneventful stage from my perspective.  The climb out of Nephi into the San Pete valley that started the race was probably the hardest part of the day.  The “early move” went on this section and then the field completely stopped pedalling.  Luckily, we (we being the Canyon Bicycles- Utah All Star Team) had Jesse Gordon up there to represent in the break of four, which quickly went out seven minutes.

 Some funny stuff transpired… They lead the break the wrong way.  At this point, the break was down to two minutes.  Then, I hear on the radio “the break is two minutes behind”.  I’m sorry what??  So, they stopped the field, the break came by and we all cheered for them.  We hung out for two more minutes and then we started racing again. 

It was pretty relaxed for awhile.  Then, there was a decent sized crash.  At the bottom of the pile, was my teammie for the week, Alex Rock.  Luckily, he was pretty much unhurt.  Nate Page and I went back and helped him get back to the group.  My immense skills at getting through the caravan came through and everyone was safe and sound.

I kept hearing smaller and smaller gaps to the break.  Then, I saw Jesse back in the fold and figured it was all over.  Unfortunately, he was ridden out of the break and the others stayed away to the finish by a mere 20 seconds.  Still a good ride for him to make sure our team had some presence.

They are offering a best Utah amateur rider prize, and as we neared the field sprint, I could “feel” all the Utah riders eyeing each other.  Unfortunately, with a long downhill run into the sprint, I got lost in the commotion.  Big ups to Bryson Perry (American RADDDDDDDD) for getting up there (I heard he was 8th) in the sprint and taking the local yokle jersey. 

Afterwards, the set up for us Canyoneers was more pro than anything I have ever experienced.  Even in my few years as a third (or fourth, maybe fifth) rate “pro”.  A huge thanks to everyone helping us out.  I can’t even explain how big a difference it makes.

Oh yeah, Jason Donald from Garmin won.

Tomorrow looks ugly!


6 thoughts on “Stage One in the Can

  1. Just make sure you’re part of the early move tomorrow and the day will be easy!

    Will you be able to wear the Utah Criterium Champions jersey in the crit on Friday?

    I’m looking forward to yelling at you all on Saturday once I get back into town. Any requests? Cold water dumped on your head? A chilled Snickers bar? Ice cream sandwich? Coke? Let me know what you want. The plan is to set up shop towards the top of Little C.

  2. How will that make it easy?
    I will probably pass on the state crit champ jersey on friday.
    Just yelling at me is all I need. You might want to throw in “Stage 4 is Owning You… Again!!” or somesuch.

  3. If you do jump out with the early breakaway, make sure the race director has a good map.

    I’d hate to see you found yourself lost on the wrong road with a rapidly-shrinking eight minute lead.

  4. Next question: Do you think Canyon might sell me the bike you’re riding for cost? It will be, after all, a used bicycle.


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