Revealed in Reflection

Further self analysis:

My ability to dig deep when there is a chance of success is really good.  When it is a matter of survival, I completely suck.  I don’t know how this happened because when I was younger, it was completely the opposite.  To put it another way, I now need to be “in” the race to push myself.

I think it’s probably time for me to just say no to pro stage racing unless I can change that or I have the time to train enough to be competitive on some level.  I tried to train around my current situation and got sick, and I don’t think it was unrelated.


10 thoughts on “Revealed in Reflection

  1. I felt for you when you were sitting down a little away from the team after Stage 2.

    I’m a nobody cyclist, but I’ve felt emotionally beaten down after races too. And that’s just as a Cat 4 and 5 guy. I still wish I could hang on and do what you get done.

    Of course, I AM old.

  2. ah but with age comes responsibility. the converse is also true and you, my friend, have a great many responsibilities.

    BTW, i aint gettin old either

  3. Don’t feel bad for me! Yeah, I was bummed out about dropping out of the race and I probably will be forever. However, that is the nature of cycling- you get kicked in the balls over and over, and then one day you are on fire and it’s all worth it.

  4. Also, I was lucky to get to do the race and I blew it. I have no one to blame but myself…though I do think a KOM in the first 10 miles of the stage was a bit much!

  5. I can’t predict the future. I may not be there, I may be there riding, I may be there managing. Time will tell.

  6. Sorry your Tour didn’t go so well for you. But you and all of the local pros made us proud. It was really cool to see you guys out there racing shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names in cycling. You know. . . there’s always Sanpete coming up 😛

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