The Sickness that Wouldn’t Die…

Remember waay back to my last trip to CO? Kelly got sick while I was gone. That sickness is still in our house. Wait, that sounds like I blame Kelly, which I don’t. I blame the kids.

Anyway, Morg missed 3 days of school this week. I know, missing school for a cold? But she had a fever and that deep cough, where it hurts throughout your chest. Hopefully she’s starting to recover, but Piper is now fighting a fever. I have the cough and haven’t been good for a week or so, but no fever, so it’s not really keeping me from doing anything. Except sleeping, as there’s always a kid waking up!

Not our Rory though. She is sleeping like a champ! More than a little nervous about her getting sick though.

Anyway, as you might expect I have some thoughts on the “dropping” of the federal case against Lance, but that’s probably a post in and of itself. I don’t know that it needed to be a federal case, but I hope they are serious when they say USADA is taking up the case. And not just against Lance. They got a ton of information during the investigation and I would like to see everyone implicated exposed.

Is that bitter? Maybe a touch.




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