Kelly said I have to do a post

For serious. And I have to do it before she’s out of the shower. Crap! The water just turned off. Should not have spent all that time on FB. That was probably her quickest shower ever. Did you even get wet? 

Umm, anyway…I am headed to St. George tomorrow. I’m guessing it’s going to be hot. I am working an expo type thing in a parking lot. Should be awesome. And hot. And yes, round trip in a day. That is the only way. 

I had thought of bringing all the family and doing the Utah State Games crit in Cedar City today and then spending the night down south somewheres, but the webpage did  not have any info. The contact on the webpage referred me to the webpage again and then finally said he was emailing the schedule to all those pre-reg’d. Hmmm, that makes it easy. I applaud your efforts, but I don’t typically sign up for stuff that I don’t have any information on. Plus it would have sucked for the family anyway, as I’ll be at this event all day and it will be a 105 or whatever.

I should probably take a shower since I rode this morning and then decided not to since I was taking the girls swimming this afternoon. Gotta love summer. Cleanliness is supposed to be important or something though, so I’ll look into it. Seriously, I am tired. So much effort in staying clean.

Woah, Kelly’s back, peace out.

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