State Crit Chumps 2: With a Vengeance

So, yeah, state crit chumps…It was hot. 101 when I pulled up and it probably got warmer during the race. It was super windy and there is a massive fire close by, so it was going to be a tough guy race with a new course around the Salt Palace, which was pretty cool. The last corner was pretty dodgy, but it was a long way from there to the line and the race was hard enough that there wasn’t going to be some crazy sprint anyway. So, yeah, better course than around the meth park for sure.

Anyway, big Dave Hardwood took the V. I felt pretty confident he would, which should have made the strategy pretty straightforward, right?

Unfortunately, I just wasn’t good enough. I didn’t completely suck. I would say my fitness is not so bad, just lacking a bit in the top end and recovery areas. That will come back quickly if I can race a little more consistently, so I feel like I could theoretically be good soon. Always an optimist!

I ended up 12th. So, yes, more than 11 guys showed (see previous post). Seriously, I think only 25-ish finished though. A lot of people quit.

Thanks to the Ski Utah crew for putting it on, all the officials, and all the racers too. I had a great time and am thankful for the opportunity.

Now chilling at home with 75% of the kids having fevers. Summer sickness sucks!


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