State Crit Chumps

So, I signed up for the state crit titles on Saturday. Yeah!!

Right now, there’s 11 guys signed up and half of them (yes, 5.5) are from the same team.  I realize it’s a conflict with nationals, so that accounts for like 5 guys (tops). As my kids would say, what the heck-o?

I realize I am probably not the one to point fingers at anyone for not racing, but I am surprised given it’s a state chumpionship, and it’s in SL,UT. There is one big team missing, so I assume that will add like 10 guys day of and hopefully a bunch more show up.

The entry fee seems really high for the pay-out to me, but I can’t think that’s keeping many people from showing up really.

Anyway, I’m super duper pumped. Obviously, right?!? How could you not be?!?


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