I beat Kelly to posting pics!!


Kelly Told Me My Web-log is Boring Her…

So, yeah, I’ll post something.  She has been killing me on the post-o-meter as of late, but I’ll be back.  With a vengeance.  It was pretty much the worst week ever, but I won’t focus on that as I am now past it and stuff is pretty much good again. 

Now is a good time.  I am home with the fam-bam enjoying the weekend.  Kelly and I are scheduled for a mountain bike date tomorrow.  We have been planning this since spring, and finally got it together, so fingers crossed, we are on it.  Of course, I will ride my cross bike, which is still desperately in need of cables and housing, but if they break, I can just be, like, a singlespeeder, right?  And if the brakes go, they are only good for slowing you down anyway, right?

Otherwise, we may go to the Oval and watch speedskating Apollo Anton Oh NOOOOO!!.  Apparently, Kelly has a crush on him.  Yeah, I just linked her twice… watch out I’ll do it again.  Anyway, the point is that maybe I need to take up speedskating.  Wait, that’s too much work.  Maybe I need to grow a “soul patch”.  I got soul, but, wait, no I don’t. 

Anyway, this post is pretty much nowheresville, but you know, you’re still reading it.

The $12K Dream Team is coming together like peanut butter and bananas.  Like coffee and doughnuts.  Like Hansel and Gretel.  Like Utah Cyclists and Facebook.  Like dog crap and my shoe.  Like cocaine and Tom Boner.  Like Bernie Kohl and Vitamin E-po.  Like Gardie and handsomeness.  Maybe not as well as all that, but we’re gonna make some magic happen.